Koi Sushi


The Restaurant

Welcome to Koi Sushi, where culinary artistry meets an unforgettable dining experience. At Koi Sushi, we invite you on a journey of taste and tradition, where every roll tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and the freshest, high-quality ingredients.

Our skilled sushi chefs, masters of their craft, bring creativity and precision to every dish, delivering a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate.

Indoor & Outdoor

Our carefully crafted interior seamlessly blends modern elegance with cozy charm, creating a welcoming atmosphere for a delightful dining experience.

From chic lighting fixtures casting a gentle glow to thoughtfully arranged seating offering both intimacy and social space, every detail has been curated to enhance your enjoyment.


Koi Sushi Dedicated Team

Koi sushi chef team thrives on seamless collaboration, with each member contributing their unique skills and expertise to craft culinary masterpieces. From the meticulous preparation of ingredients to the precision of sushi assembly, teamwork ensures the synchronization of flavors, textures, and presentation.


Dorji Sherpa

Head Chef

Hailing from Tokyo, Chef Dorji Sherpa brings decades of sushi expertise to our kitchen.


Lhamu Sherpa

Assistant Chef

Meet the creative force behind our innovative sushi creations, Chef Mei Ling Wu


Aman Gurung

The Keymaster

His commitment to using the freshest ingredients ensures an authentic and unforgettable sushi experience